Colous (inhabit) Words, Quiz #2

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions. When you click on the Calculate your score button, you will receive a score and, if you choose any incorrect answers, you will also be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered).

  1. Living in shady places.
    (a) xerocolous (b) umbraticolous (c) urbicolous (d) terricolous (e) zoocolous

  2. Inhabiting woodlands.
    (a) sphagnicole (b) sepicole (c) sanguicole (d) sylvicole
    (e) ruricole

  3. Living in or on roots.
    (a) potamicolous (b) piscicolous (c) radicicolous (d) psicolous (e) petricolous

  4. Living or dwelling in salt marshes.
    (a) piscicole (b) pinicole (c) petrocole (d) paludicole
    (e) pontohalicole

  5. Living every where.
    (a) nivicole (b) omnicole (c) maricole (d) limicole
    (e) lucicole

  6. Living or dwelling under or among stones; such as, some beetles, etc.
    (a) zoocolous (b) urbicolous (c) thinicolous (d) lapidicolous
    (e) xerocolous

  7. Living on animals; such as, fleas and/or ticks.
    (a) viticole (b) umbraticole (c) zoocole (d) terricole
    (e) sylvicole

  8. Living on or in soil; a reference to organisms that spend most of their active lives in the ground (not aquatic or aerial); such as, earthworms, etc.
    (a) sylvicolous (b) terricolous (c) viticolous (d) tubicolous
    (e) stagnicolous

  9. Living in or inhabiting blood, as a parasite.
    (a) saxicole (b) ruricole (c) ramicole (d) silicicole
    (e) sanguicole

  10. Living in rivers.
    (a) pontohalicolous (b) saxicolous (c) potamicolous
    (d) silvicolous (e) psicolous

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