Logo Words Quiz #1

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions. When you click on the Calculate your score button, you will receive a score and, if you choose any incorrect answers, you will also be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered).

  1. A symbol that represents the meaning of a whole word or phrase.
    (a) logogriph (b) logogram (c) lethologica (d) logagraphia
    (e) logasthenia
  2. Morbid verbosity or loquacity.
    (a) dyslogia (b) alogia (c) logomancy (d) hyperlogia
    (e) bradylogia
  3. Disgust for certain words or a particular word.
    (a) logopedia (b) logophilia (c) logorrhea (d) logopathy
    (e) logomisia
  4. Pathological lying in speech or writing.
    (a) pseudologia (b) tachylogia (c) polylogy (d) alogia
    (e) hypologia
  5. Impairment of speech and reasoning as the result of a mental disorder.
    (a) logodaedalus (b) logodiarrhea (c) dyslogia (d) logography (e) logolatry
  6. One who studies words.
    (a) logomaniac (b) logomisia (c) logopedia (d) logologist
    (e) logophobia
  7. Excessive talkativeness, especially when the words are uncontrolled or incoherent, as is seen in certain psychiatric illnesses.
    (a) logotherapy (b) hypologia (c) philology (d) pseudologia
    (e) logorrhea
  8. An abnormal rapidity of speech.
    (a) tachylogia (b) pseudologia (c) polylogy (d) neologism
    (e) logopedia
  9. An aversion or hatred of talking or to mental activity.
    (a) logospasm (b) misologia (c) logorrhea (d) logophobia
    (e) logophilia
  10. Any speech defect associated with damage to the central nervous system.
    (a) syllogism (b) polylogia (c) paralogy (d) logopathy
    (e) logotherapy

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