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Dictionary List of "D" words.

Source of English derived words from Latin and Greek sources

English vocabulary words from Latin Greek etymologies and their prefixes and roots.

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Words: decor- (Latin: proper, dignified, fitting, seemly; ornament, dignity).
decor- : words, "decent" to "redecorate".

Words: dic-, dict- (Latin: talk, speak, say, tell, declare).
dic-, dict- : words, "abdicant" to "vindictive".

Words: dies [DEE uhs] (Latin: day).
dies [DEE uhs] (Latin: day): words, "ante meridian" to "terdiurnal".

There is special information about dismal with illustrated perspectives of its past origins and current applications.

Words: dox-, -doxy, dogma- (Greek: believe, belief; that which is thought to be true; opinion, doctrine, decree; praise; confidence).
dox-, -doxy, dogma-: words, "adoxal" to "unorthodoxy".

Words: duc-, -duct, -duction (Latin: lead, leading, bring, take, draw).
duc-, -duct, -duction , part 1 of 4: words, "abduce" to "conduit".
duc-, -duct, -duction , part 2 of 4: words, "deduce" to "inductee".
duc-, -duct, -duction , part 3 of 4: words, "induction" to "introductory".
duc-, -duct, -duction , part 4 of 4: words, "produce" to "viaduct".

Words: dys- (Greek: bad, harsh, wrong; ill; hard to, difficult at; slow of; disordered; impaired, defective; used primarily as a prefix).
dys- , part 1 of 2: words, "acrodysesthesia" to "dysmentia".
dys- , part 2 of 2: words, "dysmetria" to "trichothiodystrophy".

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