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Andro- Words: “adynamandrous” to “andron”,
Part 1 of 2.

Forms of this element include: andro-, andr-, -ander,
-andra, -andria, -andrian, -andric, -andrism, -androus,
-andries, -andry
(Greek: man (men), male, masculine; also, stamen or anther as used in botany).

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adynamandrous, adynamandry:
1. Having non-functioning male reproductive organs.
2. The condition of being self-sterile.
anandrious, anandria:
1. Without virility; impotent.
2. In biology, said of a flower lacking stamens.
andragogy, andragogue:
1. The methods or techniques used to teach adults. Mistakenly used to refer to adult education for both male and female learners. “Mistakenly” because andro, -andra- refers only to males.
2. Another erroneous definition is, the art and science of helping adults learn.
The male portion of a flower.
Having no stamens in reference to certain flowers.
1. The dissection of the male body.
2. The physical structure of the male body.
andriatrics, andriatry:
The branch of medicine dealing with diseases of men; such as, those of the male genitalia.
Male, like a male, male characteristics.
A rare, benign tumor of the testis that histologically resembles the fetal testis, with varying proportions of tubular and stromal elements; the tubules contain Sertoli cells, which may cause feminization.
androcentric, androcentricity:
1. Dominated by or emphasizing masculine interests or points of view; as an androcentric society.
2. Having a man, or the male, as the center of importance.
The four stages of man are:

and finally
—Art Linkletter
Having a man’s head (upon an animal’s body).
androchorous, androchory, androchore:
Dispersed by the agency of man.
androconium, androconial:
Scales on the wings of certain male Lepidoptera (butterflies) from which the attractive scent of the male is diffused.
androcracy, androcratic:
The political rule by men or males; male supremacy.
Male sex cell, especially of an immature stage; spermatid.
androdiecious, androdioecious; androdioecism, androdioecy:
With flowers on one plant hermaphrodite and on the other staminate only.
The male component of the flower, typically comprising a whorl of stamens surrounding the female component (gynoecium).
A reference to dicotyledonous plants, in which there is a more than ordinary development of stamens and petals.
androecia (plural), androecium (singular):
Stamen; a name given to the whole of the male organs of a flower.
A reference to a plant having male flowers only.
The male component of the flower, typically comprising a whorl of stamens surrounding the female component (gynoecium)
Lactation from the male breast (oozing of milk from the male breast).
A gamone released by spermatozoa [a gamone is a hypothetical substance supposed to be released by the ovum (gynogamone) and spermatozoa (androgamone) to facilitate their fusion].
The impregnation of the male gamete by the female gamete.
androgen, androgenic:
1. Any substance that conduces to masculinization, such as the testicular hormone.
2. A substance, as a male sex hormone, capable of developing and maintaining certain male sexual characteristics.
3. Generic term for an agent, usually a hormone (e.g., androsterone, testosterone), that stimulates activity of the accessory male sex organs, encourages development of male sex characteristics, or prevents changes in the latter that follow castration; natural androgen’s are steroids, derivatives of androstane.
1. The growth of an individual from a male cell.
2. Development of an egg that contains only paternal chromosomes, those of the father, because the nucleus of the ovum fails to participate in fertilization.
Producing masculine characteristics; a reference to androgenesis.
Relating to an androgen; having a masculinizing effect.
The quality of exerting a masculinizing or virilizing action or effect; a property of androgenic hormones.
Excessive androgen production in the female or the clinical state of virilization resulting from it or from the administration of androgen.
androgenize, androgenized:
1. Subjected to the production or presence of an excess of androgen in the female.
2. Normally virilized, as in the male.
Treatment with androgenic hormones, such as testosterone.
1. Pertaining to the production of exclusively male offspring [adjective form of androgenesis].
2. Pertaining to the preferential production of male offspring.
Pertaining or tending to the production of male rather than female offspring.
A spermatogenic cell.
Combining all of the coarseness of the one sex with all of the weaknesses of the other.
After the manner of hermaphrodites [a plant or animal having both male and female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics or a person who has both male and female elements of genital structure and both male and female secondary sexual characteristics].
Applied to flowers in which both stamens and pistils are developed into petals, as in the double narcissus.
androgyne, androgyneity, androgynism, androgyny:
1. The unity of the physical characters of both sexes; a hermaphrodite.
2. A female pseudohermaphrodite.
3. A person who displays a mixture of female and male roles.
4. Female pseudohermaphroditism [a genetic and gonadal female, with partial masculinization; also known as female intersex].
Pertaining to androgyny; having both male and female characteristics.
1. A male resembling a female; or possessing female features.
2. A pseudohermaphrodite.
3. Pertaining to female pseudohermaphroditism.
Bisexuality, but more specifically denoting sexual relationships with a man and a woman, either serially or concurrently (as in a “threesome”), by either a man or a woman.
androgynous, androgynus, androgynic, androgyne, androgynism:
1. Uniting the physical characteristics of both sexes, at once male and female; hermaphrodite.
2. Of men; womanish, effeminate.
3. Pertaining to or characterized by female pseudohermaphroditism.
4. Pertaining to a state of phenotypic ambiguity with respect to sexual characteristics.
1. Having both masculine and feminine characteristics, as in attitudes and behaviors that contain features of stereotyped, culturally sanctioned sexual roles of both male and female.
2. Female pseudohermaphroditism.
3. A physical state of sexual ambiguity.
android, androids, androidal:
1. Resembling a man; manlike (such as a robot); andromorphous.
2. An automaton resembling a man; manlike.
3. In science fiction, a robot that looks and behaves like a human being.

An android is working for andric human.
This is an example of an android who is working for an andric human. For the female equivalent, see gynoid.

“In 1920, a Czech playwright, Karel Capek, wrote R.U.R., a play in which automata are mass-produced by an Englishman named Rossum. The automata are meant to do the world’s work and to make a better life for human beings, but in the end they rebel, wipe out humanity, and start a new race of intelligent life themselves.

Rossum comes from a Czech word, rozum, meaning ‘reason’; and R.U.R. stands for ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots,’ where robot is a Czech word for ‘worker,’ with the implication of involuntary servitude, so that it might be translated as ‘serf’ or ’slave.’ The popularity of the play threw the old term automaton out of use. Robot has replaced it in every language, so that now a robot is commonly thought of as any artificial device (often pictured in at least vaguely human form) that will perform functions ordinarily thought to be appropriate for human beings.”

New Guide to Science by Isaac Asimov
(New York: Basic Books, Inc. 1984), p. 866.

1. A custom whereby according to Athenian law, if a citizen were killed abroad, and his death unatoned for, three subjects of the offending country were seized as reprisals.
2. The taking by one nation of the citizens or subjects of another, in order to compel the latter to do justice to the former.
1. The branch of medicine concerned with diseases peculiar to the male sex, particularly infertility and sexual dysfunction.
2. Scientific study of the masculine constitution and of the diseases of the male sex; especially the study of diseases of the male organs of generation.
Nymphomania [abnormal, excessive, insatiable sexual desire in the female for a man].
A nymphomaniac.
Painfulness of the male breast; especially at puberty.
A poisonous crystalline substance found in various ericaceous plants; especially, the genus Andromeda [a genus of shrubs of which one dwarf herb-like species is native to Britain and others to North America].
An embryo that develops from the portion of an egg containing the male pronucleus. The embryo therefore only contains paternally derived chromosomes.
The development of an andromerogone.
andromimesis, andromimetic:
1. Producing male characteristics; having a masculinizing effect; simulating the action of androgen.
2. Simulating the effect of male hormones, thus producing masculine characteristics.
3. The state of a woman who lives full-time as a man. Unlike transvestic fetishism, in which cross-dressing appears episodically because it is required for erotic arousal and orgasm, the anderomimetic adopts the male role and appearance full-time and may undergo hormonal masculinization, hysterectomy, breast removal, or full sex-reassignment surgery. The counterpart of andromimesis in the male is gynemimesis.
A paraphilia [a psychosexual disorder characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies] in which sexual arousal and orgasm are dependent on the subject being the partner of a male impersonator.
andromonoecious, andromonoecism:
In botany, having male and hermaphrodite flowers on the same plant.
andromorphic, andromorphy:
Having a morphological (shape, form) resembling males.
Having a masculine appearance; in the shape or form of a man; android.
andron, andronitis:
In an ancient Greek house, an apartment for men; especially one for banqueting.

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