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Habitat Words: Habitat Words: “lapidicole” to “zoocole”,
Part 2 of 2.

Suffixes that include: -cole, -cola, -coles, -colid, -coline,
(Latin: to inhabit, to live in, on, or among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in).

Pertaining to the location, or habit, of growth. Used primarily in botanical and biological terminology to denote a plant or organism; having or characterized by a habitat as specified by the combining root.

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lapidicole, lapidicolous:
Living or dwelling under or among stones; such as, some beetles, etc.
larvicole, larvicolous:
Living in the body of larvae or on them. A larva (singular form), is the stage of development between hatching and the attainment of adult form or maturity of insects.
leimicole, leimicolous:
Living in wet meadows or moist grassland.
lichenicole, lichenicolous:
Inhabiting lichens.
lignicole, lignicoline, lignicolous:
Plants that live on wood.
limicole, limicolous, limicola:
Either living on shores or dwelling in mud.
limnicole, limnicolous:
Living or dwelling in lakes.
lochmocole, lochmocolous:
Living in thickets.
lucicole, lucicolous:
Living in open habitats with ample light.
luticole, luticolous:
Living in mud.
maricole, maricoline, maricolous:
Inhabiting or dwelling in the sea.
merdicole, merdicolous:
Living on or in dung.
monticole, monticolous, monticola:
Living or dwelling in mountainous habitats.
muscicole, muscicolous:
Growing on mosses.
myrmecocole, myrmecocolous:
Living in ant or termite nests.
nervicole, nervicolous:
Living on or in the veins of leaves.
nidicole, nidicolous:
Nest-dwelling; used particularly of birds restricted to their nests because of being hatched in a helpless immature condition.
nivicole, nivicolous:
Living in snow or snow-covered habitats.
nomocole, nomocolous:
Living in pastures.
omnicole, omnicolous:
Living every where or in all places.
orgadocole, orgadocolous:
Living in open woodland.
ovarilicole, ovarilicolous:
Living in ovaries.
palmicole, palmicolous:
Growing upon or inhabiting palm-trees.
paludicole, paludicoline, paludicolous, paludicola:
Living in marshy habitats.
patocole, patocoline, patocolous:
A reference to an organism that inhabits the forest litter for only part of its normal life cycle.
pergelicole, pergelicolous:
Living in geloid soils that have a crystalloid content below 0.2 parts per thousand.
perhalicole, perhalicolous:
Living in haloid soils that have a crystalloid content above 2.0 parts per thousand.
petricole, petricolous:
Growing within rock.
petrocole, petrocolous:
Living in rocky habitats.
phreaticole, phreaticolous:
Living in ground-water habitats.
pinicole, pinicolous:
Living or growing on pine-trees, or in pine-woods.
piscicole, piscicolous:
Living on or within fishes.
planticole, planticolous:
A reference to organisms that spend most of their active life on or within plants.
pontohalicole, pontohalicolous:
Living or dwelling in salt marshes.
poocole, poocolous:
Living in meadows.
potamicole, potamicolous:
Living in rivers.
pratinicole, pratinicolous:
Living in grassland and meadowlands.
psicole, psicolous:
Dwelling in praries or savannahs.
psilicole, psilicolous:
Dwelling in praries or savannahs.
radicicole, radicicolous:
Living in or on roots.
ramicole, ramicolous:
Living on twigs and branches.
ripicole, ripicolous:
Living on the banks of rivers and streams.
rubicole, rubicolous:
Living on brambles.
rupicole, rupicoline, rupicolous:
Living among rocks or walls.
ruricole, ruricoline, ruricolous:
Living in the country or fields.
sabulicole, sabulicolous:
Living in sand.
sanguicole, sanguicoline, sanguicolous:
Living in or inhabiting blood, as a parasite.
sanguinicole, sanguinicolous:
A rare spelling of
saxicole, saxicoline, saxicolous:
Dwelling in stony places; something that lives on or among rocks.
sepicole, sepicolous:
Dwelling in hedges.
silicicole, silicicolous:
Living in or on flints or siliceous soil [containing, resembling, relating to, or consisting of silica or flint].
silicole, silicolous:
Living in soil rich in silica or silicates.
silvicole, silvicolous:
Living in woodlands.
sphagnicole, sphagnicolous:
Living in peat-moss.
spongicole, spongicolous:
Living on or in sponges.
stagnicole, stagnicolous:
Living in stagnant water; such as certain birds, etc.
stercoricole, stercoricolous:
Living in or on dung or excrement.
sylvicole, sylvicolous:
Inhabiting woodlands.
tegulicole, tegulicolous:
Living on tiles; such as, lichens.
telmicole, telmicolous:
Living in fresh-water marshes.
termiticole, termiticolous:
Living in termite nests.
terricole, terricoline, terricolous:
Living on or in soil; a reference to organisms that spend most of their active lives in the ground; not aquatic or aerial; such as, earthworms, etc.
thinicole, thinicolous:
Living on shifting sand (sand dunes).
tiphicole, tiphicolous:
Living in ponds.
tubicole, tubicolous:
Tube-dwelling organisms.
umbraticole, umbraticolous:
Living in shady places.
urbicole, urbicolous:
Living primarily in cities; such as, pigeons, sparrows, etc.
vaginicole, vaginicoline, vaginicolous:
Living in secreted sheaths or cases.
viticole, viticoline, viticolous:
Living or growing on vines.
xerocole, xeroline, xerocolous:
Living in dry conditions.
zoocole, zoocoline, zoocolous:
Living on animals; such as, fleas and/or ticks.


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