Sensory-Words Quiz #1

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions. When you click on the Calculate your score button, you will receive a score and, if you choose any incorrect answers, you will also be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered).

  1. The (group decision) of the voters was to defeat the money bill.
    (a) dissent (b) dissension (c) consent (d) consensus (e) insensibility
  2. If your parents (disagree), you won’t be able to go to the game.
    (a) dissent (b) insensate (c) consent (d) resent (e) desensitize
  3. There is a great deal of (difference of opinion) in congress over the abortion issue.
    (a) sense (b) dissension (c) consent (d) consensus (e) sensation
  4. The doctor wanted to (anesthetize) the patient’s arm before removing the lump.
    (a) desensitize (b) sensimeterize (c) sensitize (d) sensationalize (e) sensualize
  5. Sarah asked her father for his advice and (approval) about her college career.
    (a) dissent (b) insensibility (c) consent (d) sensitivity (e) dissension
  6. Outside or beyond the range of normal sense perceptions.
    (a) sensory (b) sense (c) sensation (d) sensimeter (e) extrasensory
  7. A meadow in spring is full of (appealing) delights.
    (a) consensus (b) dissension (c) sentimental (d) sensuous (e) sensitive
  8. His teacher answered with a quick nod of (approval).
    (a) sentimentality (b) dissension (c) insensibility (d) supersensibility (e) assent
  9. There is a (mutual agreement) among Americans that President Clinton lied about his sexual affair with a young White House Intern.
    (a) insensitivity (b) sensation (c) consensus (d) dissension (e) sentimentality
  10. A large group of people seldom come to a(n) (agreement).
    (a) sensibility (b) sense (c) desensitization (d) consensus (e) dissension

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