Sensory-Words Quiz #2

Choose one answer for each number that correctly matches the definitions or statements in the questions. When you click on the Calculate your score button, you will receive a score and, if you choose any incorrect answers, you will also be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered).

  1. The act of differing in belief, specifically, the rendering of a minority opinion in the decision of a law case.
    (a) assent (b) dissension (c) sentimentality (d) consensus (e) insensibility
  2. My parents gave their (permission) for us to stay out later tonight.
    (a) sensation (b) dissent (c) dissension (d) assent (e) resentment
  3. Responsive to, or feeling, something very easily.
    (a) sensitive (b) extrasensory (c) insensitive (d) insensible (e) dissension
  4. The tips of the fingers are considered to be very (feeling something very easily).
    (a) desensitized (b) extrasensory (c) sentimental (d) insensible (e) sensitive
  5. The fisherman’s hands were (unfeeling) to the cold.
    (a) sensitive (b) insensitive (c) sensuous (d) sensationalized (e) supersensory
  6. After the accident, he had no (awareness) in his right index finger.
    (a) insensibility (b) dissension (c) resentment (d) extrasensory (e) sensation
  7. Easily hurt; very tender or raw.
    (a) insensate (b) insensible (c) sensitive (d) resentment (e) extrasensory
  8. The cool breeze caused a strange (process of receiving conscious sense impressions) in the heat of the night
    (a) supersensibility (b) sensation (c) consensus (d) insensibility (e) insensation
  9. Her (psychic) ability to predict the future was amazingly accurate.
    (a) sensitive (b) insensitive (c) supersensory (d) sensual (e) sensational
  10. Feeling indignation or bitterness at some remark or action.
    (a) insensitivity (b) sensation (c) insensation (d) supersensibility (e) resentment

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