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Listed Mania Words: “ablutomania” to “dysmorphomania”,
Part 1 of 4.

Words may include: mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, and -maniacally for the various manias forms.
(Greek: 1. A specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone. 2. Excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something).

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An obsessional preoccupation with cleanliness, washing, or bathing, often accompanied by compulsive rituals. An obsessive-compulsive disorder.
aboulomania or abulomania:
A mental disorder in which there is a loss of will-power.
1. An incurable insanity.
2. Mania marked by great motor activity.
Chronic incurable insanity.
Hypersexuality in females. An obsolete term for nymphomania.
1. Agoraphilia or a pathologic craving for public places.
2. A morbid dislike of being alone.
An “obsolete term” for a wild, ferocious mania.
A morbid impulse to live in the open country, in solitude, or withdrawal from society.
1. An excessive desire to be on the streets.
2. An abnormal interest in streets.
An abnormal preoccupation with sexual fantasies or activities.
Intense enthusiasm for cats.
Alcoholism; an excessive desire to drink alcoholic beverages.
A compulsion to be in vehicles.
amenomania, amoenomania:
1. Pleasing delusions; a form of monomania.
2. A mania characterized by cheerfulness, gaiety, etc.
Americamania, Americomania:
A craze for things that are American; an excessive desire to have American styles, food, culture, etc.
Another term for nymphomania; an excessive sexual desire by females for men.
Homicidal insanity.
An excessive admiration of English customs, etc.
An extravagant passion or fancy for flowers.
An abnormally powerful sexual excitement or desire; an excessive erotic interest.
An excessive interest in bees.
A compulsive desire to count objects and to make calculations; such as, counting paces when walking, steps in a staircase, etc. A common symptom in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
asoticomania, asoticamania:
A compulsion to buy, or spend, excessively. Self-destructive prodigality or squandering of money.
1. Compulsion toward solitude or of being by oneself.
2. A preoccupation with suicide.
An obsessive desire to commit suicide.
A passionate addiction to ballet dancing.
A fascination with bullets.
A craze for establishing banks.
A special interest in collecting Christian baptismal names.
A frenzied desire for anything related to the British singing group, The Beatles.
bibliokleptomania, bibliokleptomaniac:
An uncontrollable or compulsive desire to steal and possess books.
bibliomania, bibliomaniac, bibliomaniacal:
An intense inordinate desire to collect and possess books, especially rare and curious ones.
An excessive production of bracts (a type of leaf).
A mania caused by the use of bromine; an organic mental disorder produced by chronic bromide intoxication.
bruxomania or brycomania:
1. A gnashing, grinding, gritting, and clenching of the teeth in other than normal chewing movements occurring unconsciously in the daytime; sometimes resulting in a loosening of the teeth and a bleeding of the gums.
2. Compulsive and continual crushing of the teeth together, with intermittent grinding.
3. Habitual grinding of the teeth is called bruxism.
cacodemonomania or cacodaemonomania:
Obsession with demonic possession. A condition in which the patient believes he/she is inhabited by, or possessed of, a devil or some other evil spirit.
A pathologic attraction to people or objects because of their beauty alone, without regard for other qualities; the delusion that one is beautiful.
carpomania : An excessive production of fruit.

An abnormal desire, or recurrent impulse, to drown oneself.
An impulse to jump from high places.
ceratomania : An abnormal production of hooded flowers.

cheromania or chaeromania:
Compulsion toward gaiety or happiness; characterized by exaltation.
An extravagant fancy for the collection of old-china ware; or an excessive fondness for things Chinese.
An obsessive desire for snow.
A morbid impulse to masturbate; masturbatic-psychosis.
Addiction to chloral (alcohol and chlorine).
Mania sometimes exhibited by victims of cholera.
choreomania or choromania:
Craze for dancing. A disorder prevalent in the Middle Ages in which weird patterns of involuntary movement (hysterical chorea) superficially resembling chorea occurred. It is also called dancing chorea, epidemic chorea, jumping chorea, jumping disease, dancing mania, choromania, dancing disease, tarantism, jumping sickness, and tarentism.
1. Obsessive desire for money.
2. A preoccupation with creating wealth.
A strong desire to hold a person in one’s arms.
A spelling variation of kleptomania or the impulse to steal without any apparent need for the items stolen.

Man steals art works and stores them in his mother's house.

Man shows his mother his stolen art collections.

Stolen art in France ended up in canal
Police hold woman whose son looted museums for years”
  • In a case unprecedented even in the shadowy underworld of art theft, the French police have arrested a French woman who has admitted destroying or throwing into a canal an estimated $1.4 billion worth of painting and art objects that her son had stolen from dozens of museums in France and five neighboring countries over the past eight years.
  • Stephane Breitwieser, 31, who is in jail in Switzerland made no effort to sell the 60 paintings and 112 art objects that he has admitted stealing.
  • Breitwieser is considered “an eccentric kleptomaniac who loved 17th and 18th century art.”
  • He kept his stolen art works in a bedroom at his mother’s house in Mulhouse, in eastern France.
  • He was arrested last November (2001) while trying to steal a bugle from a museum in Lucerne, Switzerland; at which time his mother immediately decided to rid herself of the incriminating evidence.
  • French police are quoted as saying that most works were stolen from museums in France and Switzerland; but that Breitwieser also took objects from museums in Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany.
International Herald Tribune by Alan Riding
(The New York Times, Friday, May 17, 2002; pp. 1 and 8).

I enjoy art, suspect tells prosecutors”
  • An art thief who stole 239 pieces worth millions of dollars from museums and galleries across Europe apparently acted out of love of beautiful things, not money, Swiss prosecutors said Wednesday.
  • “I enjoy art, I love such works of art, I collected them and kept them at home.”
International Herald Tribune side bar
(Reuters, Thursday, May 23, 2002, p. 6).
An excessive or abnormal desire to stay in bed.
Hypersexuality in females; a compulsion by women to have sex.
1. A morbid craving for cocain.
2. Insanity with delusions accompanying excessive use of cocaine.
An obsession for sex, especially by women.
An obsession to involuntarily utter vulgar or obscene words.
Obsession with foul speech or a compulsion to use filthy language.
An obsession with feces (dung).
An obsession, or monomania, for pre-eminence, superiority, or power.
A compulsion to climb cliffs.
1. An obsession for obtaining great wealth.
2. Delusion of possessing great wealth.
An exaggerated desire for bicycling.
An intense enthusiasm for dogs.
Another term for nymphomania [an exaggerated sexual desire in a female for men].
An insane compulsion to kill.
decalcomania, decalomaniac:
A craze for transferring pictures from a specially prepared paper to surfaces of glass, porcelain, etc. Now well-known simply as decal.
demomania, demomaniac:
A compulsion to be in crowded places.
A morbid dread of being possessed by demons.
Mindless insanity.
dipsomania, dipsomaniac:
A morbid and insatiable craving for alcohol. Also applied to persistent drunkenness; alcoholism.
Addiction to or obsession with discotheques, disco music, or disco dancing.
1. The compulsion to own furs.
2. An abnormal interest in fur.
doromania, doromaniac:
A compulsion to give presents.
An uncontrollable desire to run away (from home, responsibilities, a bad situation, etc.).
A mania for roaming, running, or traveling; an intense enthusiasm or compulsion to travel; wanderlust.
1. The delusional conviction that one is physically deformed or otherwise abnormal.
2. An abnormal dread of deformity, particularly in others.

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