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Listed Mania Words: “ecdemiomania” to “krauomania”,
Part 2 of 4.

Words may include: mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, and -maniacally for the various manias forms.
(Greek: 1. A specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone. 2. Excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something).

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ecdemiomania, ecdemomania, ecdemomonomania:
A morbid impulse, or obsession, to travel or wander around.
ecomania or eciomania:
1. A morbid attitude toward the members of one’s family [domineering behavior at home and humility toward other persons in authority].
2. A pathological dislike of the members of one’s family often resulting in a feeling that one must get away from them.
An abnormal interest in genitals.
egomania, egomaniac:
1. A morbid egotism; an extreme self-centeredness or self-appreciation.
2. An abnormal interest in one’s self; extreme egotism.
A compulsion to wander or roam.
eleutheromania; eleuthromania:
A mad zeal or irresistible craving for freedom.
Hypersexuality in females.
A morbid desire to vomit, usually an hysterical symptom.
A compulsive desire to hold public office or some public employment.
Another term for pyromania [abnormal interest in fire].
An abnormal interest in wine either as a collector or as a drinker.
Obsessional belief of the patient that he/she has committed an unpardonable sin.
Obsessive zeal for religion or demonomania; religious insanity.
An abnormal fascination with insects.
A rage for writing epics.
A compulsion to work.
Irresistible craving for quiet or solitude.
A compulsion to wander.
1. A compulsion to work or to be active; a morbid need to work.
2. Undue eagerness to perform surgery.
ergomania, ergomaniac:
An obsessive zeal for or a compulsion to be constantly at work. The correct term for over work instead of the commonly used “workaholic“ which is etymologically wrong.
1. An abnormally powerful sex drive.
2. A melancholy or kind of insanity arising from passionate love.
3. A pathologic preoccupation with sexual fantasies or activities. A syndrome that occurs almost exclusively in women and consists of a delusional belief that a man, usually older and of higher social status, is deeply in love with the patient.

—Based on information from the Psychiatric Dictionary, sixth ed.,
by Robert J. Campbell, M.D., Oxford University Press, N.Y., 1989

The morbid impulse to travel as an escape from some painful sexual situation.
1. An obsession to write love letters or to write erotic or pornographic literature.
2. An abnormal interest in erotic literature.
erotomania, erotomaniac:
1. An abnormally powerful sex drive.
2. A melancholy or kind of insanity arising from passionate love.
3. A pathologic preoccupation with sexual fantasies or activities. A syndrome that occurs almost exclusively in women and consists of a delusional belief that a man, usually older and of higher social status, is deeply in love with the patient.

—Based on information from the Psychiatric Dictionary, sixth ed.,
by Robert J. Campbell, M.D., Oxford University Press, N.Y., 1989.

A compulsion to blush over minor incidents or a mania for the color red; or by extension, an obsession about blood.
An exaggerated sexual desire in a female; nymphomania.
A morbid addiction to the consumption of ether or other inhalants.
Insanity with a perversion of the senses.
1. An enthusiasm for flogging or whipping.
2. Erotic pleasure or stimulation derived from whipping or of being whipped.
A madness for flowers (or plants) in general or for one particular kind of flower (or plant).
A craze or excessive fondness for France or for things related to France.
An unreasoning attachment to France or French customs.
gamomania, gamomaniac; or gamonomania:
1. A morbid desire to marry.
2. A form of insanity characterized by any extravagant or outrageous proposals of marriage.
An irresistible fascination with bridges or an obsessive urge to cross bridges.
A mania or excessive interest in things German.
1. An obsessive preoccupation with achieving or maintaining smug, middle-class respectability.
2. Worshipping smug respectability as the great object of life.
An unusual fascination with making lists.
Graiomania or Grecomania:
An excessive passion for things Greek.
graphomania, graphomaniac:
A mania or excessive impulse and desire to write; an excessive impulse to write.
1. The obsession of the “peeping Tom”; male voyeurism. A male voyeur is called a gymnogynomaniac. 2 A compulsion to be naked.
3. An abnormal interest in nakedness.
Satyriasis, an abnormal, excessive, insatiable sexual desire in the male for women; satyromania.
An overwhelming urge to tear off a woman’s clothes.
A kind of insanity in which there are delusions of a cheerful character or gaiety.
A mania for sainthood.
A compulsion to sin.
An irresistible craving for pleasure.
An uncontrollable craving, or desire, for the sun.
1. A display of erudition by excessive use of Greek terms.
2. Using cumbersome Greek or Latin terms instead of those readily “understandable English words”.
An addiction to heroin.
1. Religious insanity; a pathologic religious fervor characterized by delusions with a religious content.
2. An abnormal interest in priests.
An obsessive fascination for or an excessive enthusiasm for horses.
An excessive compulsion to travel.
An irresistible impulse to commit murder; used now instead of the previously used term of phonomania.
A mental disorder due to mercury poisoning.
An epileptic condition characterized by attacks of uncontrollable or insatiable thirst.
1. An excessive craving for water or liquids; an uncontrollable fascination with water.
2. An impulse to commit suicide by drowning.
An excessive tendency towards materialism or a fascination for forests.
A severe mania in which there is a partial or complete disorientation, and often accompanied by violent behavior; also, intense mania with overwhelming tensions and marked disorientation.
An excessive fondness for or desire to use big words. Example: “It is impossible to indoctrinate a superannuated canine in the intricacies of innovative feats of legerdemain.”

— From The Peter Pyramid, by Dr. Laurence J. Peter,
1986, William Morrow and Company, Inc., New York.

Fixation on a single subject; monomania.
An uncontrollable desire to sleep.
hypomania, hypomaniac:
A minor form of mania characterized by elation and a feeling of well-being together with quickness of thought. An abnormality of mood resembling mania (persistent elevated or expansive mood, hyperactivity, inflated self-esteem, etc.) but of lesser intensity.
An old name for nymphomania.
An excessive fascination with fish.
1. An excessive devotion to or a morbid impulse for collecting images (icons or portraits).
2. An infatuation with icons, whether as objects of devotion or as works of art.
1. Zealous idolatry.
2. An abnormal interest in idols.
A passion, excessive interest in, or craze for islands.
An excessive interest in things related to Italy or Italians.
1. A morbid interest in novelty or new trends.
2. A strong tendency to possess new things.
An uncontrollable compulsion to sit down.
A compulsion for movement; an excessive desire to be on the move.
In psychiatry, a compulsion to shout or compulsive shouting; usually a motor discharge phenomenon based on mesencephalic or other central nervous system irritation.
kleptomania, kleptomaniac:
Once known as klopemania. An irresistible tendency to steal in which a person steals not because of necessity but as a result of some compulsion. The individual experiences a rising subjective sense of tension before the theft and feels pleasure, gratification, or relief when committing the theft. The objects are stolen despite the fact that they are typically of little value to the individual, who could have afforded to pay for them and often gives them away or discards them. Occasionally the individual may hoard the stolen objects or surreptitiously return them. Although individuals with this disorder will generally avoid stealing when immediate arrest is probable (e.g., in full view of a police officer), they usually don't pre-plan the thefts or fully take into account the chances of apprehension. The stealing is done without assistance from, or collaboration with, others. Kleptomania is a rare condition that appears to occur in fewer than 5% of identified shoplifters. It also appears to be much more common in females.

Woman steals shoe for her collection.

The lady in this image can not resist the urge to add another useless shoe to her collection; therefore, illustrating an example of kleptomania.

An older form of kleptomania.
A tic (nervous twitch) marked by rhythmic movements.


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