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Listed Mania Words: “lagneuomania” to “ornithomania”,
Part 3 of 4.

Words may include: mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, and -maniacally for the various manias forms.
(Greek: 1. A specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone. 2. Excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something).

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A sexual sadism in the male.
A compulsion to talk excessively.
An obsessive desire for, craving for, or fascination with narcotics.
A morbid longing for narcotic drugs; an addiction to drugs.
An excessive desire for studying or collecting dictionaries.
logomania, logomaniac:
1. A form of insanity in which one talks excessively; over talkativeness.
2. A rapid, pressured, flow of words when speaking.
An abnormal mental state characterized only by great loquacity or excessive talking.
Lycanthropy or the belief that one can change him/herself or others into a wolf or some other animal.
Extreme mournfulness, sadness, or melancholy.
Masochism in females.
A form of insanity in which the person conceives of things, especially parts of his/her own body, to be larger than they really are.
A psychosis related to childbirth and resulting from, or occurring, after childbirth.
A suffix meaning an abnormal love for, or morbid impulse toward, some specific object, place, or action.
mania, maniac:
1. Mental derangement characterized by great excitement, delusions and hallucinations and, in its extreme stages, by great violence.
2. A period of great excitement affecting a body of people.
3. An emotional disorder characterized by some euphoria or irritability, increased psychomotor activity, rapid speech, flight of ideas, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, grandiosity, and poor judgment.
Psychosis (or Mania): Severe mental disorder. Called insanity in legal language, psychosis has never been a problem in the western world, where it has been effectively contained either by chaining, burning, mutilating, and otherwise exorcising diabolical spirits, or, later on, by confinement with solicitous custodial care, culminating in beneficent shock treatment and emotional decapitation through lobotomies, lobectomies, and topectomies. These excellent cures have now been superseded by powerful drugs that transform patients into ambulatory vegetables.
—Bernard Rosenberg in his Dictionary for the Disenchanted; Henry Regnery Company; Chicago, Illinois, USA; 1972.
1. Considered an “obsolete” term for a mentally ill or disturbed person.
2. One suffering from mania.
1. Suggestive of or afflicted with insanity.
2. Characterized by excessive enthusiasm or excitement.
3. Characterized by mania.
An abnormal fear of being insane.
Relating to, affected by, or resembling mania.
manic excitement:
A disorder characterized by hyperactivity, talkativeness, flight of ideas, pressured speech, grandiosity, and, occasionally, grandiose delusions.
A mania that appears as a symptom of some physical disease.
megalomania, megalomaniac:
1. An unreasonable delusionary conviction of one’s own extreme greatness, goodness, or power; the ideas in megalomania are known as delusions of grandeur and are generally considered a part of schizophrenia or other psychoses.
2. Loosely, the term is also used to describe a lopsided attachment or passion for, or for doing, things on a grand scale, or, as a tendency to wild exaggeration or conceit, with, of course, no implications of insanity.
3. A type of delusion in which the individual considers himself/herself possessed of greatness. He/She believes her/himself to be Christ, God, Napoleon, etc., or everyone and everything, including a lawyer, physician, clergyman, merchant, prince, top athlete in all divisions of sport, etc.
4. A morbid verbalized over evaluation of oneself or of some aspect of oneself.
melomania, melomaniac:
An excessive interest in music.
An excessive interest in the penis.
1. A compulsion for the application of hypnosis.
2. An insane reliance on mesmerism (hypnosis).
Periodic or intermittent drunkenness and a morbid desire for alcoholic beverages.
A mania for writing poetry.
misomania, misomaniac:
1. Characterized by delusions of persecution (belief that everybody hates the subject).
2. A form of mania in which the patient hates everyone and everything.
1. A form of mania in which the patient thinks him/herself, or some bodily part, to be reduced in size; an insane habit of belittling oneself.
2. A delusion that one's own body is of minute size.
monomania, monomaniac:
1. A form of insanity in which the patient is irrational on only one subject (one topic, one idea, etc.).
2. A psychosis marked by the limitation of the symptoms rather strictly to a certain group, as the delusion in paranoia.
morphiomania or morphiomania: An uncontrollable craving for morphine or opium.
An excessive fondness for music.
A special fondness for or interest in mice.
An abnormal or pathological tendency to lie or to exaggerate.
narcomania, narcomaniac:
An uncontrollable craving for narcotics.
An insane craving for narcosis or an unconsciousness produced by a drug.
A morbid interest in ships or large bodies of water.
necromania, necromaniac:
1. A pathological preoccupation with dead bodies or the subject of death.
2. A morbid attraction to dead bodies.
3. A morbid tendency to long for or desire death.
An abnormally strong desire by a woman to have a baby.
nesomania, nesomaniac:
An intense obsession with islands.
netomania, internetomania:
Coined by psychiatrist, Nathan Shapira, of the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Shapira thinks that excessive online use should be considered not as a separate addiction but as a disorder of impulse control, in the same category as kleptomania or compulsive shopping. (As seen in USA Today, June 1, 1998).
noctimania or noctomania:
An intense fascination with night as opposed to daylight.
The incorrect belief by a patient that he/she has some or is suffering from some special disease; hypochondiasis.
1. An exaggerated form of nostalgia.
2. An intense homesickness or an irresistible urge to return home.
3. Homesickness as an illness.
1. A compulsion for nudity; a strong desire to be in the nude.
2. An abnormal interest in nudity.
nymphomania, nymphomaniac:
1. A feminine mental disease characterized by some kind of morbid and uncontrollable desire for sex.
2. An abnormal, excessive, insatiable sexual desire in the female; the counterpart of satyriasis in a male.
An intense obsession or desire to be in crowds.
An excessive desire for drinking wine.
oestromania, oestromaniac:
Hypersexuality in females or nymphomania.
oikomania or oikiomania or oicomania:
1. A mental disorder caused by some kind of wretched or abusive domestic circumstances.
2. An obsessive craving or desire to be at home or a morbid attitude toward the members of one’s family.
oinomania [also oenomania and enomania]:
An insane desire for wine or other intoxicating drink.
A madness which shows itself in just a few aspects or on a few subjects.
oniomania, oniomaniac:
1. A morbidly exaggerated need or urge to buy beyond the realistic needs of the individual.
2. An uncontrollable compulsion or desire to buy things.
A rage or madness about a name or names.
1. A morbid dread of some word or an intense mental anguish because one can not recall a word or to name something.
2. A morbid preoccupation with words or a mania for word-making.
A tendency to pick at (or pull out) one’s finger, or toe, nails.
oophoromania [also oothecomania and ovariomania]:
A psychosis associated with ovarian disease.
An excessive interest in snakes or other reptiles.
Excessive craving for opium or opiates in general.
1. A morbid desire for some particular food or sweets.
2. A longing for a particular article of diet, or for highly seasoned food.
A compulsion to dance.
A craze for orchids OR an excessive fascination with testicles.
1. A compulsion to eat or an excessive appetite for food.
2. An enormous increase in food consumption as a result of fearing that one is too thin.
An excessive fascination with birds.


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